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Who are Penafrancia Tours?

If every region has its own major bus company to boast about, Peñafrancia Tours and Travel Transport Inc. is Bicol’s very own provincial luxury bus. Founded in 1989, Peñafrancia gets tourists and Bicolanos alike to almost all areas in the region. With two decades of reliable service under its belt, Peñafrancia Tours and Travel Transport Inc. reigns over its competitors in Bicolandia.

In case you’re wondering, Peñafrancia derives its name from Our Lady of Peñafrancia – none other than the patron saint of the region! This is a derivative of the company’s long-standing tradition, commitment to safety and responsible business conduct, as well as dedication to both God and countrymen. Echoing the company’s slogan: Welcome aboard!

Penafrancia Tours Fleet

  • Skybus: The Peñafrancia skybus redefines luxurious travel with this 21-seater bus option which follows a 2×1 column seat layout, with seats capped with Vega leather! The lazy boy seats, foot rests and foldable tables are the icing to the cake. The Skybus is also equipped with a reliable AC system, 2 flat screen TVs and an audio system on board. This option likewise puts the mind at ease with its onboard toilet, so passengers can gobble those free snacks worry-free! The bus also has stewards to help passengers with arising concerns. Up your luxurious traveling game and choose the Peñafrancia Skybus. It makes the hours fly by!

  • Elite: Peñafrancia’s elite buses follow the same layout as the skybus, with the same 21-seater buses and a 2×1 column seat lay-out. Like the skybus, elite buses were built to afford passengers spacious leg space. Moreover, elite bus seats are covered in modern leather, perfect for maximum comfort when traveling long hours. It is also equipped with an AC system, 2 flat screen TV, and an audio system onboard. Like the skybus, elite buses have an onboard toilet, so you can load up on your liquids.

  • Premier Bus: The premier bus is the midway between luxury and affordability. It is a 40-seater bus that follows a 2×2 column seat layout. It has an AC, flat screen TV and audio system for your on-board entertainment. Like the skybus and elite options, the premier bus also has an on-board toilet.

  • Regular Bus: This is Peñafrancia’s most affordable option. It is a 45-seater bus that has a 2×2 column seat layout. It has the same on-board entertainment equipment as the other three buses. However, the regular bus does not have an on-board toilet, which means passengers have to wait for the designated bus stops.

Penafrancia Tours FAQ

Peñafrancia has four main bus terminals located in Metro Manila (Cubao and Alabang) and designated regions in Bicol (Albay and Camarines Sur).

It is recommended to have your tickets reserved before going to the terminal. For convenient ticket reservations, visit

These are estimates of travel time from Manila to various destinations. Please note that these would vary, depending on the route taken, traffic conditions, the number of stops, among others.

  • Manila to Naga City, Bicol – at least 12 hours
  • Manila to Legazpi City, Bicol – at least 13 hours
  • Manila to Sorsogon, Bicol – at least 13 hours

There are at least two designated bus stops from Manila to Bicol, which is timed around three hours apart.

Since it is a provincial bus, Peñafrancia only has around one to five designated trips per day, so make sure to book your tickets ASAP.

Yes, the Skybus, Elite bus, and Premier bus all have bathrooms on-board.

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