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Who are 2GO Travel?

2GO is among the oldest sea transportation company in the country, yet it boasts the most modern and expansive fleets to date. Established in 1949 and with more than 60 years in the industry, 2GO has undergone several mergers and changes, but it has maintained excellence, reliability, and quality service. Innovation has kept 2GO at the top of its game, with its bigger vessels capable of transporting thousands of passengers while equipped with hotel-style accommodations, salons, spas, bars, and other entertainment options. It operates 10 fast ferries, 8 roll on/roll off (RoRo) vessels, and 8 cargo ships, servicing more than 20 routes across the country.

2GO is a pillar in the shipping industry, and it has remained well above its competitors by putting a premium on the safety and comfort of its passengers. 2GO vessels follow strict safety guidelines and are equipped with life jackets, lifeboats, medics, and a rescue boat. From its fast crafts to its bigger vessels, 2GO offers the best accommodation among other shipping lines. As 2GO has linked the country from island to island, let’s go and discover the archipelago aboard 2GO!

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2GO Travel Ferries

2GO offers a wide range of accommodation types. Though the availability of these classes is often dependent on the vessel type and the route, here is a quick comparison of said categories:

  • Suite Accommodation: If you want to forget that you are ever on a ship, booking the suite accommodation will do the trick. The 2GO suite replicates a hotel setting, offering passengers with a private air-conditioned room with toilet and bath, complimentary toiletries, television, and refrigerator. Maximum capacity per room is 2-3 persons. Suite rooms are very limited, so if you are eyeing this accommodation, do inquire of its availability and book now!
  • Business Class: Business class rooms can accommodate between 6 to 8 people. It offers spacious rooms with double-deck beds, a private toilet, television, air-conditioning, and a sink.
  • Cabin for 4: The cabin for 4 option is an entire air-conditioned room furnished with beds, with a maximum capacity of 4 people. This is perfect for passengers travelling with their family or with a group of friends. The room provides privacy and allows maximum space for just four people. The beds likewise allow passengers to sleep peacefully, especially if the trip takes more than 10 hours. Passengers who book cabins have their own charging slots, private toilet, and television. This option is limited, so it is better to book your slot now.
  • Cabin for 6: The cabin for six class has the same amenities and perks as the previous type, except that it allows for six people. So if you are travelling with more people and would want your own space, this is the best option for you.
  • Cabin for 8: Again, the cabin for 8 provides the same amenities, but it can accommodate up to 8 people. This option is likewise very limited, so reserve your tickets now!
  • Tourist Class: The tourist class is a fully air-conditioned room that can accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers. Bunk beds are available and the room is sufficiently spacious. There is a separate toilet and bath available in the room. A television is also available for on-board entertainment.
  • Mega Value Class: The mega value class is an air-conditioned area with spacious double-deck beds. There is a common toilet and bath for passengers in this class. Likewise, there are mats and pillows provided, as well as a television for on-board entertainment. Unlike the previous types which have their own private rooms, this class shares a common space. There is also a charging station to ensure your battery life never gets drained while traveling.
  • Super Value Class: This is the most affordable option out of all the classes. This specific accommodation does not have air-conditioning, though it still offers double deck beds with mats. There is a common toilet for passengers, as well as television.
  • Airline Seater: Unlike the other accommodation types, the airline seater does not provide beds. Instead, passengers are accommodated in airline-styled seats. The room, however, is air-conditioned and there is a common toilet and bath.

2Go Travel FAQ

It is recommended to have your tickets reserved before going to the port, especially if you prefer specific accommodation types. For convenient ticket reservations, visit https://book.bustickets.ph/.
2GO has services routes to various destinations, including the following:
Depending on the route, 2GO offers daily trips or weekly trips.
The fare will depend on the accommodation type you choose, as well as the destination.

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