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It’s no secret that Batangas is a treasure trove of natural beauty. Showcasing some of the Philippines’ best beaches, its charming coastal towns, and its iconic natural wonders, it is a province that can easily win any nature lover’s heart. Only a two-hour drive from Metro Manila and right next to Tagaytay City – another popular road trip destination – it has become one of the go-to provinces for urbanites to escape from city life. Here, you can lounge at resorts, visit historic landmarks, discover scuba diving sites and go on hiking trips that will reward you with unparalleled views. 

Even though it’s relatively close to Metro Manila, the best way to fully enjoy it is to explore it for multiple days. There are simply too many to see, and it would be a waste to book a one-day trip. If you’re traveling on a budget, no worries: the province has plenty of Airbnbs with excellent amenities and affordable prices. In this guide, you’ll learn about the top-rated vacation rentals in the province along with some recommendations for the best places to visit. 

In this Airbnb guide to Batangas:


Batangas Itinerary

While planning your trip, make sure to schedule a day tour at Taal Volcano. As one of the world’s few “lakes on an island in a lake on an island,” this is a must-see tourist spot with an excellent hiking trail offering picturesque views. If you’re looking for a more challenging hiking experience, add Mt Batulao to your itinerary. This mountain boasts gorgeous boulder formations and vast grasslands.

When you’re ready to wind down, head to Palm Beach Resort located at Laiya Beach. True to its name, it is well-known for its white sands and palm trees – perfect for those wanting to catch a relaxing moment in the middle of the trip. For delicious wine and a taste of the luxurious European lifestyle, take a stroll along the vineyards of Twin Lakes. Cap off your trip by going island hopping and enjoying water sports at Batalang Bato Beach and Lago de Oro Wakeboard Park. 

Where should I stay in Batangas?


If you’re the type who likes to walk around and feel like a local, San Juan (1) has the perfect environment for this. To be close to the province’s best beaches, choose Lian (2) instead. Nature-lovers will be delighted to stay at Laurel (3), the center of agri-eco tourism, while adventurous travelers will get a kick out of Anilao (4). To see the province’s most grandiose natural attractions, go for Nasugbu (5)


San Juan

  • Warm and friendly atmosphere
  • Town center is compact and walkable
  • Home to many resorts
  • Limited options for transportation
  • Often crowded with tourists

In San Juan, you’ll find a rustic town center (or “poblacion”) that is perfect for a quick stroll. Locals are known to be quite friendly, so don’t be afraid to stop and ask for directions or tips on what to do. A tourist attraction you should not miss is Laiya, whose white sands and crystal clear waters have made it one of the most visited beaches in the country. Elsewhere, you can go on a trek to Mt. Maguldol which also has a picturesque golf course. To get a glimpse of the province’s history, head to the Benito Marasigan Ruins, which is the house built by one of Batangas’ founders.



  • Excellent for nature lovers
  • Peaceful small-town life
  • Safe environment
  • Simple lifestyle may seem boring to some

Situated at the Northwestern part of Batangas, Lian is another major beach destination in the Philippines. It is most famous for Matabungkay Beach, which has been an ideal destination for weekend getaways since the 1950s. Visitors often come here to ride the balsa (or bamboo beach raft) and spend the night in permanent cottages and luxurious beach houses. For more adventurous travelers, Lumaniag is a must-visit. One of the province’s hidden gems, it is a secluded and pristine beach with white sands and breathtaking island views.



  • Close proximity to Taal Lake
  • Friendly and hospitable locals
  • One of the most progressive towns in Batangas
  • Densely populated

Laurel is a very convenient destination for foreigners with its friendly locals who mostly speak in English. It is also very close to one of the Philippines’ most well-known natural attractions, Taal Lake and Volcano. Being one of the youngest and most progressive municipalities in Batangas, it is the agri-eco tourism hub of the province. Aside from Taal, the natural attractions of Laurel include Malagaslas Falls – whose fresh spring water is safe to drink – and the refreshing spray of Ambon-Ambon Falls. For religious travelers, Antona – a cave-turned-chapel – is an essential stop in your itineraries.



  • Birthplace of Batangas scuba diving
  • The perfect destination for island-hopping
  • Majority of establishments only accept cash

Anilao is the top diving destination in Batangas. Here, you will find the pristine Tubbataha Reef, which is considered to be the “Eden” and the birthplace of scuba diving in the province. Animal lovers, on the other hand, will delight in Batalang Bato Marine Sanctuary where you can swim with a wide variety of marine life. For land-dwellers, there are also locations that are ideal for trekking and sightseeing. One of them is the beginner-friendly Mt. Gulugod Baboy which literally translates to “pig’s spine.” From the summit, people can get a spectacular view of Balayan Bay, Maricaban Islands, Verde Island, and Mindoro.



  • Boasts an abundance of natural attractions
  • Has plenty of resorts and Airbnbs to choose from
  • No ATM machine on islands and beaches

Nasugbu is the place to be if you’re looking for natural beauty at a large scale. As one of its biggest municipalities, it is the haven for many of the province’s most magnificent natural wonders. Mt. Batulao, for instance, is an extinct stratovolcano that can make for an exciting (albeit challenging) hike. if your priority is relaxation and sightseeing, there’s Kayama Mountain Resort whose aerial views have served as the backdrop for momentous occasions such as weddings. To get the ultimate adrenaline rush, go to Tali Beach where you can go cliff diving into its emerald waters.


Best Airbnbs in Batangas

If you’re headed to Batangas for a quick getaway, don’t rely on the hotel booking engine: you’ll find dozens of beautiful and affordable places to stay on Airbnb, from quirky beachside cottages to cozy mountain lodges. Below, we’ve rounded up the top five Airbnb listings in Batangas depending on your budget, so you can book the perfect place to stay (just don’t forget to haggle before you check-in!).

Best Airbnb in Batangas


Private Beachfront Home with Ocean Views

Located between the coastal towns of Lian and Nasugbu, this is an entire house that is the perfect choice for your family getaways. Spacious and extremely private, it includes three bedrooms, one queen-sized bed, and two double beds. Enjoy some quality time in the living room (which has a couch and two floor mattresses), and prepare a hearty meal at either the fully equipped kitchen or the outdoor grilling station. In the afternoon, take a dip in the swimming pool, then pop open a beer to enjoy the fresh air at the nearby secluded beach.


Best Airbnb for Romantic Stays


Cozy Bed and Breakfast Near Taal Volcano

At Narra Hill Premier in Laurel, couples can get an excellent backdrop for their romantic getaway. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows and the private balcony, you get breathtaking views of lush greenery, rolling green hills, Taal Volcano, and the infinity pool below. Amenities such as parking, breakfast, bathroom necessities, air-conditioning, and 24-hour security – just to name a few – are all included to ensure a totally convenient stay. Make sure to maximize it with your access to the pool and the hot tub!


Best Holiday Rental in Batangas


Charming Townhouse Near Pontefino Hotel

Spend the holidays in a neo-Victorian townhouse located within walking distance of various restaurants and the famous Pontefino Hotel. Perfect for families or groups of friends, this rental includes 2 single beds, 2 sofa beds, and 1 queen-sized bed. You won’t have a single dull moment here thanks to amenities like cable TV, Wi Fi, a pool, and even toys for kids!


Best Airbnb for a Unique Experience


Glamping with Private Swimming Pool and Bonfire

Make your Batangas trip unforgettable by glamping inside the Domescape! With this rental, you get the best of both worlds as it comes equipped with inclusions you would normally find in a luxurious hotel while being surrounded by the beauty of nature. The Domescape makes sure you have a relaxing stay with your own swimming pool and an area for bonfires!


Best Airbnb for Budget Stays


Minimalist Apartment Unit

Anyayahan Apartment proves that you don’t have to break the bank for comfortable accommodations. At just Php705, you get a 34 square meter flat with air-conditioning, a laundry room, and a queen-sized bed. For the 2nd guest, the nightly rate is lower than the original price. It’s also just a minute away from jeepneys that can take you to various gyms and restaurants as well as SM Batangas City and Holy Trinity Church.


Is Airbnb cheaper than hotels in Batangas?

You’re better off booking an Airbnb in Batangas than getting a hotel room. For roughly the same price as a luxury hotel room, you can get an entire house to yourself on Airbnb. Aside from that, Airbnb also offers more variety in the types of accommodations. An example is the glamping experience via Domescape. That’s something you won’t find in your traditional hotels! Not only does Airbnb offer a cheaper alternative, but it also provides a more memorable experience overall.


If you do insist in staying in one, I highly suggest The Farm at San Benito.


FAQ about Batangas

What to do in Batangas?

Batangas is popular for its natural beauty and its beaches, so the best things to do are outdoor activities like hiking and diving. While its various municipalities have plenty in store, the best way to maximize your Batangas stay is by going on an adventure.

Where to go in Batangas?

Among the many tourist spots already mentioned above, the ones that you should not miss out on are Taal Lake, Tali Beach, and Laiya Beach.

How to go to Anilao?

There are buses from Cubao, Alabang, and Buendia to Anilao that depart hourly. Simply purchase a ticket and hop on for the (approximately) 3-hour ride.

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