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Who are Bicol Isarog?

Bicol Isarog Transport System Inc. is a Quezon City-based bus company that services routes to the regions of Bicol and Eastern Visayas. Established in 2011, Bicol Isarog is considered relatively young in the transport industry, but it has wasted no time in making its mark as a pioneer of innovation and comfort.

Travelling has indeed been made easy as Bicol Isarog introduces its own Ulitmate Sleeper Buses, alongside current fare classes. Though these are operational in limited routes as of this writing, there is no doubt that Bicol Isarog continues to re-imagine and re-define the limits of first class travel experience. The company is built for the long-haul, and it is a champion of safety and comfort.

Bicol Isarog Bus Fleet

Bicol Isarog buses are guaranteed to provide passengers with safety and comfort. The company offers a flexible range of classes that passengers can choose from.

  • Ultimate Sleeper Bus: More than just leg space, these buses offer passengers bed space! While this option is limited only to the Metro Manila-Naga route, it nonetheless offers a new comfort in land travel. These buses are equipped with seats that can be adjusted into seats, an on-board toilet, and luggage storage. This way, passengers can sleep through the long hours!

  • Skybus Premier: Following a 2×1 column seat configuration, the Skybus Premier offers maximum leg space for its passengers. It is a 21-seater bus with an on-board toilet. It boasts oversized lazy boy recliner seats that are sufficient for a good and restful sleep. This bus removes the exhaustion from hours of land travel and allows passengers to arrive fresh and relaxed! Similar to the Ultimate Sleeper Bus, the Skybus Premier buses only service limited routes.

  • Skybus with Comfort Room: This class can accommodate up to 38 passengers with a 2×2 column seat layout. However, there are 13 premium seats located in the front portion of the bus, meaning there is more leg space compared to the back end. As indicated by its class name, it has a comfort room on board.

  • Elite: The Elite buses are 26-seater, following a 2×1 column seat layout. It has reclining seats that allow passengers maximum comfort and space. It has a free-Wi-Fi on-board, as well as a toilet.

  • Lazyboy w/out Comfort Room: This bus unit is spacious, accommodating only 27 seats. It has all the perks of the elite and skybus buses, except that it does not have an on board toilet.

  • Regular: Regular buses have a 45-seater capacity. It has decent leg room and provides a good option for those on a budget. These units are air-conditioned. Since there is no on-board toilet, regular buses have designated bus stops.

  • Economy: For those with a tight budget, this 66-seater bus is a viable alternative. It is not air-conditioned, but there is natural ventilation as passengers can opt to open windows. This is Bicol Isarog’s most affordable bus.

Bicol Isarog FAQ

There are three main terminals where Bicol Isarog buses operate. These are located in EDSA Cubao, Naga City, and Legazpi City.

  • Cubao terminal is 599 EDSA Brgy. San Martin de Porres, Cubao, Quezon City
  • Naga terminal is in Stall C20 & C21 II, Bus Terminal Zone 4, Brgy. Triangulo, Naga City
  • Legazpi terminal is at Legazpi Bus Terminal Britano Tahao Rd., Legazpi City.
  • It is recommended to have your tickets reserved before going to the terminal.

    These are estimates of travel time from Manila to various destinations. Please note that these would vary, depending on the route taken, traffic conditions, the number of stops, among others.

    • Manila to Naga City, Bicol – at least 10 hours
    • Manila to Legazpi City, Bicol – at least 13 hours
    • Manila to Masbate City, Bicol – at least 15 hours

    The length of the trip will depend on your destination. If you plan to travel to Naga City, travel hours is at least 10 hours.

    From Metro Manila, trips with Bicol Isarog are usually scheduled from noon to evening. The company services buses limited trips to various destinations, with 11:00AM at the earliest and 10:00PM at the latest.

    Only the Ultimate Sleeper Buses, Skybus Premier, Skybus with Comfort Room, and Elite buses have on-board toilet.

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