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Who are Fariñas Transit?

Fariñas Transit Company is owned and operated by a political family – the Fariñas clan – in Ilocos Norte. The company dates back to 1955, and has since grown from the initial operation of just two buses. Fariñas Transit is a trusted and reliable bus company, which has made its mark among Ilocanos and passengers across Luzon. It services routes to Ilocos Norte, Dingras, Solsona, Bacarra, Pasuquin, and has now added new routes to Baguio City and Benguet.

By staying committed to its reputation of safe and comfortable travel, Fariñas Transit remains a major bus company in Luzon. If your destination is Ilocos Norte, your best option is Fariñas Transit – the company with more than 50 years of experience under its belt.

Make your travel to Vigan and the historical sites in Ilocos more memorable by choosing the best that the Ilocos region has to offer. Fariñas Transit continues to stand by its assurance to make adventure possible, as passengers are urged to relax and just leave the driving to the expert.

Farinas Transit Fleet

Fariñas Transit Company services everyday trips to various destinations in Northern Luzon. The company offers six bus classes.

  • Super Deluxe: The super deluxe buses make travelling comfortable and enjoyable! This bus offers passengers with lazy boy seats, more leg space, charging ports, and even individual tablets with games, music and movies! It also has a Wi-Fi and an on-board toilet. With the Super Deluxe, passengers forget the hours as they experience maximum comfort and exceptional individual on-board entertainment. There is only one trip for Super Deluxe buses per day, so make sure to book early.

  • Super First Class: This bus is equipped with Wi-Fi, reclining leather seats, and an individual entertainment system, as well as an on-board toilet. Among the first class sub-categories, the Super First class have the most legroom. Just like the Super Deluxe, there is only one Super First Class trip per day, so remember to book your tickets early.

  • Deluxe: The deluxe option offers the same perks as the Super Deluxe buses, except the individual on-board monitor. Similar to the Super Deluxe, Deluxe buses only has two trips per day, so make a reservation as soon as you can.

  • First Class w/ CR: The First Class w/ CR offers passengers with reclining leather seats and free Wi-Fi. As indicated, it has an on-board toilet as well. There is lesser legroom, compared to the first three classes and there is no individual entertainment system, but the level of comfort is still guaranteed. There are at least first class w/ CR buses scheduled per day.

  • First Class: This First Class bus has regular seating, an AC system, and free Wi-Fi. It has more leg space compared to the regular buses. It does not have an on-board toilet so passengers will have to wait until the designated bus stops.

  • Regular Aircon: This is Fariñas Transit’s most affordable option. It does not have the same on-board entertainment perks, but there is still Wi-Fi for passengers. Just like First Class, Regular buses do not have an on-board toilet. Most of the bus trips per day are first class and regular aircon buses.

Fariñas Transit FAQ

Fariñas Transit’s main terminal is located at Sampaloc, Manila.

It is recommended to have your tickets reserved before going to the terminal.

These are estimates of travel time from Manila to various destinations. Please note that these would vary, depending on the route taken, traffic conditions, the number of stops, among others:

  • Manila to Dinagras – 8 -10 hours
  • Manila to any point in Ilocos Norte – 8 – 10 hours
  • Manila to Baguio City – 7 to 9 hours
  • Manila to Benguet – at least 8 hours

From Metro Manila, Fariñas Transit provides hourly schedules from 6AM to 11:30PM, depending on the destination.

Super Deluxe, Deluxe, Super First Class, and First Class w/ CR are all equipped with on-board toilet. For First Class and Regular Aircon passengers, there are designated bus stops.

It is recommended for passengers to always check their time of departure, and arrive at least 30 minutes before schedule.

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