Bicol Isarog Manila to Bicol Bus: Schedule, Tickets, Fares, and Booking

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Isarog Bus

Bicol Isarog Online Booking

If you are planning to commute from Manila to Bicol, taking the bus going to Bicol is the cheapest and most readily available option for you. Isarog Bus offers the best bus going to Bicol from Manila and vice-versa.

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Bicol Bus Fare and Schedule

Isarog daily trip to Bicol from Manila and vice versa has a total of 12 trips daily with a total of 6 routes. All Isarog routes depart from Cubao and Alabang, and destinations in Bicol include Naga City, Legazpi City, Masbate City, Arorory, Masbate, and Cawayan, Masbate. Check out the schedule below as a guide for your next trip.

Cubao Bus Terminal Going to Bicol

Destination Schedule
Naga City 8:30 PM, 9:00 PM
Legazpi City 8:00 PM. 8:30 PM, 9:00 PM
Masbate City 11:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:00 PM
Aroroy, Masbate 12:30 PM
Cawayan, Masbate 1:30 PM

Bus Accommodation and Fare Rates

With the sleeper bus to Bicol as one of its most popular options, Bicol Isarog also offers other types of accommodation: Isarog Elite Bus, Lazyboy Extreme, Lazyboy, Regular Airconditioned, and Economy. Bus fare rates depend on your destination and comfort of choice.

Destination Accommodation Fare Rate
Naga City Lazyboy ₱950
Naga City Elite ₱1100+
Naga City Lazyboy Extreme ₱1350+
Naga City Sleeper ₱1500+
Legazpi City Regular Airconditioned ₱950
Legazpi City Elite ₱1250
Legazpi City Sleeper ₱1800
Masbate City Economy ₱950
Masbate City Regular Airconditioned ₱1200
Masbate City Elite ₱2200
Aroroy Regular Airconditioned ₱1300
Cawayan Regular Airconditioned ₱1250

Travel Time

The estimated travel time to Bicol from Manila is approximately 11 hours.

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Bicol Isarog FAQ

The cheapest way to Bicol from Manila is via bus. Bus fare starts at PHP 800 and travel time is approximately 11 hours.

The fastest way from Manila to Bicol is via plane. Plane fare starts at PHP 1,700+ and travel time is approximately 1 hour.

The road distance from Manila to Bicol is 397.9 kilometers.

The total road distance from Manila to Bicol is 397.9 kilometers and will take you approximately 5 hours and 39 minutes to drive.


Isarog Bus offers trips from Manila to Bicol and vice versa. There are a total of 12 daily trips with 6 routes. There are 2 trips from Cubao to Naga, 2 trips from Alabang to Naga City, 3 trips from Cubao to Legazpi City, 3 trips from Cubao to Masbate City, 1 trip to Aroroy, Masbate, and 1 trip to Cawayan, Masbate. Travel time is approximately 11 hours.


About Isarog Bus

Bicol Isarog Bus is a Philippine bus company based in Quezon City. Our bus company started its roots in Quezon City with the Cubao Bus terminal to Bicol region as one of its main routes. Isarog also serves the Samar province and Leyte province. They offer a wide range of buses that suits every travelers’ budget and lifestyle.

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Isarog Bus Destinations

For the full list of shipping routes by Isarog, check out the Bicol Isarog page.

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