Airbnb Tagaytay Staycation Rentals & Homes

Tagaytay is a city in the province of Cavite that gives a breath of fresh air for Metro Manila urbanites that need an escape and want to wind down with a quick vacay. It’s known for its cool mountain breeze, spectacular views of Taal Volcano and the lake surrounding it, cliffside sceneries, and beautiful pine trees that exude a homey, relaxing ambiance. Because the city is rich in lush greens and stunning views, it’s a popular area for wedding venues, fine dining restaurants, amusement parks, and quaint villages in the woods riddled with log cabins and lodges.

Tagaytay City is a no-brainer if you want a quick weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Manila. The drive down south lasts an hour or two tops, and it’s just as developed as urban cities in the metro. Because it’s a popular destination for long weekends, there are loads of Airbnb condos and vacation homes you can stay at. Some are posh and luxurious, while others are enticing for their close proximity to the gorgeous views of Taal Lake and the many attractions Tagaytay has to offer.

In this Airbnb guide to Tagaytay:

Where should I stay in Tagaytay Airbnb?


While Tagaytay City is small, there are different areas you can choose to stay at, depending on whether you’d like to have an all-out lake view or a quiet night in the woods and countryside. If you want to stay in the heart of Tagaytay, stay along Nasugbu Highway (1). If you have a penchant for luxury and want to stay somewhere more exclusive and upscale, check out Tagaytay Highlands (2) or the Iruhin (3) area. Staying at Maharlika West (4) along the main road will give you access to the latest condos and most popular tourist spots and restaurants. And if you want to stay in more private chalets and vacation houses still within reach of malls and dining options, your best bet is in San Jose (5).


Nasugbu Highway

  • Easy access to tourist attractions and activities
  • Many restaurants and accommodation options
  • Amazing view of the Taal
  • Easy transportation
  • The most crowded strip of Tagaytay

This main road can be considered as the city proper of Tagaytay. Traversing this highway gives you somewhat of a coastal view of Taal Volcano and its famous lake. Nasugbu Highway is where you’ll find the condominiums, dining options, banks, and more in the city. It’s where you should go for chic and upscale restaurants, but it’s also just as easy to find a quaint pitstop for a bowl of Tagaytay’s famous beef bulalo.


Tagaytay Highlands

  • Luxurious vibe
  • Mountain views
  • Lots of restaurants within the area
  • Many sports and recreation areas
  • Staycation-friendly
  • The best Airbnb Tagaytay Highlands can offer may be expensive

This newly developed area boasts of being a Philippine version of a luxurious, top-class mountain resort, and for good reason. Across the Highlands, you’ll find golf courses that reach far and wide, spacious living areas and condos, and country clubs that scream opulence. It has a warm and homey vibe, so it’s rustic but still very posh. There are amazing mountain views in the area as well. It’s a fantastic area to stay in if you love living big but taking it slow too.


Iruhin Area

  • Gorgeous houses and condos to choose from
  • Quieter and more peaceful than the main roads
  • Access to popular tourist spots
  • Difficult to commute to the villages in this area

This area is home to many small and quirky but exclusive villages and condominiums that take inspiration from the classic exteriors of European suburbs. You’ll find Scandinavian designs in guest houses and Swiss houses, like in the Crosswinds Suites that are growing in popularity. This area also has close access to some of the most breathtaking tourist spots in all of Tagaytay, like the famous Picnic Grove or the People’s Park in the Sky.


Maharlika West

  • Affordable restos and accommodations
  • Many tourist spots nearby
  • Beautiful view of Taal Volcano
  • Can get crowded in peak season

This area has many popular Tagaytay landmarks, like the prominent white buildings of Wind Residences or the giant Ferris wheel of Sky Ranch. Maharlika is highly accessible and relatively affordable to eat at or stay for the night. There are a lot of options for accommodations here, whether you’re eyeing a tall studio unit like a Wind Residences Tagaytay Airbnb or a more relaxed staycation area like the La Bella Tagaytay Airbnb we saw earlier. It’s also a stone’s throw away from some of the iconic Tagaytay restaurants, such as Balay Dako. All these places enjoy a magnificent view of Taal Lake.


San Jose

  • Fewer crowds
  • Quieter and calmer area
  • Beautiful accommodations for the family and big groups
  • Access to malls and eating options
  • Accommodations can be more expensive here

This area is one of the best if you’re eyeing a higher-end chalet or casa for the family or a large group of friends away from the crowds of the main road of Tagaytay. This area has lots of big houses in quiet villages, all hidden gems for those who want a bit of privacy while still enjoying the spectacular views of Taal and access to shopping areas like the Ayala Mall. And while the houses are more on the cozy, calm, and serene side of the spectrum, you still have access to the malls and restaurants in the area.


Best Airbnbs in Tagaytay

The best Airbnb Tagaytay has to offer depends on who you’re spending the trip with and what you’d like to do while you’re in the city. Here are some Airbnb options that are sure to sweep you off your feet.

Best Tagaytay Airbnb for Couples


Bird House with Rustic Interiors, Garden View, Free Breakfast

Privacy is a key factor when looking for the most romantic Airbnb Tagaytay has to offer. This private hut looks like a birdhouse and feels like an easygoing, modern country home. There’s a king-sized bed where you and your sweetheart can snuggle, and big windows to admire the garden view as you relax in your private, peaceful nook as a couple. The room comes with free breakfast that you can eat outdoors in the BnB’s garden pavilion.


Best Tagaytay Airbnb for Family


Gated Vacation House, Lake View, Gazebo, Gardens

This gated vacation house has three bedrooms, which is perfect for a small to medium-sized family. There’s an overlooking view of Taal Lake, which you can enjoy and admire outdoors. There’s also a garden and gazebo you can use for taking photos with your loved ones. The house is walking distance from many attractions like Sky Ranch, Robinsons Summit Ridge, and more. However, it’s also worth it to stay indoors because of the house’s fast wifi and Netflix subscription.


Best Tagaytay Airbnb Apartment


Condo Unit with Lake View, Access to Sky Lounge

This condo unit at Wind Residences sits on the 19th floor of the building, so you can get a magnificent view of Taal Volcano from your private balcony. The unit has free wifi and a Netflix subscription if you just want to chill and watch a movie. You also get access to the tower’s Sky Lounge, where you cans ee 360-degree views of Tagaytay City. One elevator ride down and you can find yourself in the heart of the city, near many restaurants and shopping areas.


Best Tagaytay Airbnb for Large Groups


Spacious 4-Bedroom House with Balcony, Games, BBQ Grill

Casa Aldeno is a large, modern-style house located in a gated village for the utmost security. It has four bedrooms that can sleep up to 14 guests, so it’s perfect for family reunions or a group outing. There’s a balcony on the second floor where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Tagaytay’s sunsets or play any of the card and board games available in the house. There’s also a BBQ grill outside if you’re planning on preparing a feast, which you can work on in the fully equipped kitchen and serve in the large dining room.


Best Budget Tagaytay Airbnb

Condo with Taal View, Access to Pool, Playground, Viewing Deck

This Cityland Tagaytay condo sits in a quieter, more serene area of town. It comes with a double bed and a sofa bed, which is enough to sleep three people comfortably. You get a gorgeous view of Taal Volcano right from your bedroom window. The kitchen has all the essentials you need for food, such as a microwave oven, rice cooker, fridge, utensils, and more. As a condo guest, you also have access to the swimming pool, kids’ playground, and viewing deck where you can see panoramic views of the city.


Tagaytay Staycation

Tagaytay is arguably one of the most popular areas to go for a staycation because of its cool air and beautiful lake and garden views. But because of the plethora of options for hotels, condos, and holiday homes, you may be asking, “where can I staycation in Tagaytay?” Here are some of the best Airbnbs you can look into for your best staycation in Tagaytay.

Best Staycation for Families


Vacation Farm House with Pool, Hammock, Loft

This lavish house can accommodate a large family of up to 16 guests. It has classy, modern interiors with thoughtful conversation pieces in every room of the house. There are four bedrooms, a private swimming pool, a gorgeous outdoor hammock, and a loft for extra space if you have a big family. This house has a fully equipped kitchen and free parking as well. It’s not by any means a cheap staycation house, but it’s well worth it for the top-notch amenities and spacious indoor and outdoor space.


Best Staycation for Couples


Santorini-Inspired Condo with Wifi, Pool Access, Entertainment

If you and your sweetheart have been scouting for a staycation with pool perks, this unit at La Bella Tagaytay might be your dream condo. It’s Santorini-inspired white walls are a sight for sore eyes, and the homey unit is great for cozying up to your love. You get free wifi, access to the pool, and entertainment sources like a TV loaded with movies, board and card games, and more. The unit has a kitchen space with all your basic food needs, like a fridge, a microwave, and some cooking ware.


Best Luxury Staycation


Villa with Pool, Bar, Cinema Room, Game Room

If you’re up for a luxurious, fun-filled staycation that’s one for the books, this villa is for you. It’s got everything you need to make delightful memories with people you love without having to leave the premises. This lavish villa has a swimming pool and home bar for your party needs. There’s also a cinema room and game room so you never get bored. There’s a fully equipped kitchen along with a dirty outdoor kitchen for your cooking essentials.


Best Staycation for Large Groups


4-Bedroom Cabin with Pool, Porch, Backyard, Grill Area

More people means you need more spacious living areas, and this modern cabin is big enough to house you and all your friends comfortably. There are four bedrooms with air-conditioning and super fast wifi. If you’re up for barkada bonding, you can chill by the pool, porch, garden area in the backyard, or even grill some fresh meat and seafood in the BBQ area that comes with free charcoal. The kitchen is fully equipped, and the bathrooms are stocked up with towels and toiletries for a hassle-free stay.


Best Staycation House


Waterfront Lake House with Roof Deck, Kayaks, Sunset Rafts

Every city has beautiful houses, but Tagaytay boasts of its stunning waterfront lake houses like this one. This two-bedroom house sits perched right in front of Taal Lake, so you have full access to the waters whenever you please. The viewing deck has some kayas, sunset rafts, wakeboards, and more you can use for fun water excursions, so you never have to leave the house to see some action. There is also a huge parking space that can fit up to six cars.


Is Airbnb cheaper than hotels in Tagaytay?

Airbnb condos and villas in Tagaytay are a bit more exclusive and upscale than those of other cities and islands in the Philippines. They often have more luxurious amenities, like a pool or indoor fireplace, which incurs higher costs. Nonetheless, more often than not, booking an Airbnb is cheaper than staying at a grand hotel or resort in Tagaytay, especially if you’re not eyeing a giant house or chalet.


Take for example Anya Resort, a 4-star hotel and arguably the best hotel in Tagaytay for both business and leisure. A night’s stay in this resort easily costs the same as multiple nights in a condominium along Tagaytay’s main highway. But unlike the latter, this hotel is in a more secluded area with fewer crowds. There are amenities like a huge swimming pool, relaxing spa, fine dining options, and a hotel gym. So if you’re open to the idea of investing a bit more to get the most out of your vacay, a lavish accommodation like Anya Resort is perfect for you.


FAQ about Tagaytay

Tagaytay City is the perfect road trip destination if you want to lay back, relax, and enjoy the amazing views of the lush greenery of the mountains coupled with the refreshingly cool breeze of the famous Taal Lake. Whether you want a more luxurious stay in an exclusive Scandinavian chalet or stay in an affordable studio unit to simply enjoy the view of land and sea, there’s always a place in Tagaytay you can call home.

How to get to Narra Hill?

Narra Hill is an area of Tagaytay known for its dreamy views of the lake and the beautiful gardens surrounding it. Luckily, it only takes three stops to get from Manila to this gorgeous venue. First, you need to hop on a bus bound for Tagaytay or Cavite. Most bus stations in the metro will have trips headed south in that direction. Once you get off at Tagaytay, ride a jeep along the main highway towards Alfonso, and be sure to get off by Laurel St. From there, it only takes one tricycle ride to get to Narra Hill.

Is Tagaytay under GCQ?

Tagaytay is currently under a modified GCQ, which is less strict than the quarantine set in place in Metro Manila and other urban areas in Luzon. That said, Tagaytay only welcomes domestic travelers for the time being.

How to commute to Tagaytay?

The easiest way to commute to Tagaytay is to jump off from Pasay City, which is by the South of Metro Manila. There are numerous bus stations there with trips bound for Tagaytay, so it’s easy to hop on at any time. The trip might take an hour or so to get to the city proper.

How to go to Tagaytay from Cubao?

If your jump-off point is Cubao in Quezon City, you need to commute first to Pasay to get on a bus headed to Tagaytay. You can do this by either taking a bus along EDSA or riding the MRT and alighting in Pasay. From there, go to the bus station and hop on the next bus bound for Tagaytay or Cavite. From Cubao to Tagaytay, your entire trip may take around two hours, three if the traffic in EDSA is bad.

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