Florida Bus Manila to Tuguegarao Bus: Schedule, Tickets, Fares, and Booking

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Florida Bus: Tickets, Schedules, and Routes

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If you are planning to commute from Manila to Tuguegarao City, taking the bus going to Tuguegarao City is the cheapest and readily available option for you. Florida Bus Line offers Tuguegarao to Manila bus trips and vice-versa.

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Florida Bus Schedule

Tuguegarao to Manila trip schedules and vice versa vary depending on the route of choice. You have two options, Tuguegarao City via Ilagan which has a total of 19 trips daily with its first trip at 11:30 AM and its last trip at 9:45 PM. The second route is Tuguegarao City Via Roxas which has a total of 4 trips daily with its first trip at 12:30 PM and its last trip at 8:10 PM. Buses going both routes are located at the Sampaloc Terminal.

Florida Bus Schedule Manila to Tuguegarao

Tuguegarao City Via Ilagan11:30 AM, 2:00 PM, 4:30 PM, 5:15 PM, 5:45 PM, 6:00 PM, 6:15 PM, 6:30 PM, 6:45 PM, 7:00 PM, 7:35 PM, 7:45 PM, 8:00 PM, 8:15 PM, 8:30 PM, 8:40 PM, 9:15 PM, 9:30 PM, 9:45 PM
Tuguegarao City Via Roxas12:30 PM, 3:00 PM, 4:45 PM, 8:10 PM

Bus Accommodation and Fare Rate

Florida Bus fare to Tuguegarao City depends on the accommodation you choose. You have the two accommodation options: Deluxe Bus and Sleeper Bus Class.

AccommodationDescriptionFare Rate
Deluxe BusAn airconditioned 29-seater bus with 2×1 seating configuration, and on-board restroom and television.₱800.00
Sleeper Bus ClassAn airconditioned 32-seater bus with 1x1x1 seating configuration and double-decked beds, and on-board restroom and television.₱1065.00

Travel Time

Travel time from Manila to Tuguegarao is approximately 12 hours.

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Florida Bus FAQ

The cheapest way from Manila to Tuguegarao is via the Manila to Tuguegarao bus. Fare rate costs PHP 800 to 1000+ and travel time is approximately 12 hours.

The fastest way to Tuguegarao from Manila is via plane. Plane travel time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The road distance between Manila and Tuguegarao is 450.8 kilometers.

Yes, you can drive to Tuguegarao from Manila. Driving time is approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes.


Florida Bus offers trips from Manila to Tuguegarao and vice versa. Florida buses has two routes to Tuguegarao departing from Sampaloc Terminal.  Florida Bus has two accommodation types to choose from. The deluxe type with fare rate at PHP 800.00 and the sleeper bus class with its fare rate at PHP 1065. Travel time is approximately 12 hours.


About Florida Bus

Florida Bus is the first company in the Philippines to introduce the Sleeper Bus Class, an airconditioned 32-seater bus with 1x1x1 seating configuration and double-decked beds, and on-board restroom and television. They have been serving travelers for 2 decades now. Their Sleeper Bus Class accommodations cover the Manila-Laoag-Tuguegarao routes, and the rest of their bus fleets cover routes to Cagayan Province, Isabela, Nueva Viscaya, Ilocos Norte, Tarlac, Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ilocos Sur, and Aparri.

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