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Who are Legaspi St. Jude Transport Lines?

Legaspi St. Jude Transport Lines is among the most trusted bus companies in the country, as certified by Bicolanos and Manileños. The company has an extensive bus route from the Metro all the way to the Bicol region. The Legaspi St. Jude Transport Line has stood the test of time, and continually surprises its passengers with new and innovative ways of making land travel more safe and comfortable. It is among the first to introduce sleeper buses for passengers travelling to provinces.

The transport company has also partnered with other Bicol-based bus companies to ensure the provision of convenience, quality service, and incentive to loyal passengers, including the launch of a loyalty card for regulars. Choose the company that goes the extra mile; choose Legaspi St. Jude Transport Lines!

Legaspi St. Jude Transport Lines Buses

Legaspi St. Jude Transport Line provides a range of bus classes for passengers to choose from, depending on their lifestyle and budget:

  • Express Sleeper: Sleeper buses allow passengers to transform their seats into beds, so guests can sleep the hours away. These air-conditioned buses also have an on-board toilet, Wi-Fi and on-board entertainment.

  • VIP: VIP buses provide passengers with standard seating arrangements. There is an AC system, Wi-Fi, and a TV and audio system. Free snacks will also be provided to passengers. This option also has an on-board toilet.

  • Express: This class has standard seating, Wi-Fi, free snacks, and an AC system. However, passengers will have to wait for designated bus stops to use the toilet, as there is no such amenity on board.

  • Standard AC: Standard buses are the more affordable choice among air-conditioned bus options. These buses offer standard seating.

  • Economy, Non-AC: For those on a budget, the economy non-AC option is a viable choice. Natural ventilation is the way to go for passengers on this bus. Since there is no toilet on-board, there will be designated bus stops.

Legaspi St. Jude Transport Lines FAQ

There are two main terminals for Legaspo St. Jude Buses – one in Pasay City and another in Albay:

  • Manila – St. Jude Bus Terminal, EDSA, Pasay City
  • Albay – Tabacco City Central Terminal, Daraga-Legazpi City – Tiwi Road, Tabaco City, Albay

It is recommended to have your tickets reserved before going to the terminal. For convenient ticket reservations, visit https://book.bustickets.ph/en/operator.

These are estimates of travel time from Manila to various destinations. Please note that these would vary, depending on the route taken, traffic conditions, the number of stops, among others.

  • Manila to Albay City, Bicol – at least 13 hours
  • Manila to Legazpi City, Bicol – at least 13 hours
  • Manila to Virac, Catanduanes, Bicol – at least 18 hours

Legaspi St. Jude Transport Line offers everyday trips to various points in Southern Luzon and the Bicol region, including Legaspi, Tabaco, Tiwi, Bacon, Naga, Gubat, Donsol, San Andres, Bulan, and Virac.

Only Express Sleeper and VIP buses have on-board toilet.

Legaspi St. Jude Transport Lines Destinations

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